Monday, January 07, 2008

Happy New Year!

If I have any readers left, I just want to say that things are already looking pretty good for this year, as I may have a lead on a new job. It's not in schools, but it's still in education, and I dare not say any more for fear of jinxing it. But if you still have those prayer weasels around, start giving them a few test spins. I'll let you know when to get them going at full speed.

But the main reasin I wanted to write today is to commemorate the thirty-fifth anniversary of one of the greatest educational tools of the twentieth century, Schoolhouse Rock. I loved these cartoons when I was a kid, and I believe those and PBS (particularly Sesame Street and The Electric Company) had a lot to do with the formation of my love of learning and desire to go into education. So, since I'm a math teacher, I thought I'd celebrate with my favorite installment of Multiplication Rock, the trippy "Little Twelvetoes." Enjoy!

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