Friday, September 07, 2007

Quick! Spin 'em again!

I suspected this might happen: I have another interview next week, this time for a junior high math position. The school came to hiring very late for some reason, and started with subs filling in. I was asked the be one of them, but I had the other interview and didn't think it would be fair to take that only to abandon them if I got the other job. But now that they know I'm available again, they've asked me to interview for one of the positions. To further make things interesting, it's my wife's old junior high school! So, if you can spare a few good thoughts for me Tuesday afternoon, maybe I'll get this one.

And I finally got back into the classroom today — up at the local junior high, no less. One of the PE teachers needed a sub today, so I got to go there and do very little, as they haven't actually started PE yet. Today they pretty much just passed out uniforms. Still, it was great to have lots of students I've worked with before enthusiastically greet me by name and ask how things are going and the like. I've been needing that for a few weeks now.

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