Sunday, June 17, 2007

Into the home stretch

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I just hope it's not an oncoming train. There's only one more week left of school, in both districts that I work in, and everyone is getting a little antsy about it. Since everything that needs to get done is done, it's now a little looser, but a lot of people — students and teachers — don't quite have their head completely in the game. The best example was a two-day elementary PE job I had this past week. It's a large school, so they have two PE teachers, which was a nice incentive for me to take the job, as I knew someone else would be in charge and I'd foller her lead. There were a few classes out for field trips, and the second graders used their time to rehearse for the end-of-the-year music performance, but otherwise it was pretty good. Much of the equipment, however, was already tied up for Field Day this week, so they weren't able to use it in the gym. to further complicate matters, the music teacher was out and couldn't get a sub. They've done this before, however, and combined the PE and music classes for some exercises. The kids are used to it, and did a good job. It is quite a sight to see about eighty first graders all doing Tae Bo in a dimly lit gym, but they did great.

Good news on the job hunt: I got another application in, and this time it only took me two days. This was a district I'd already applied in before, and they still had my electronic application, so all I had to do was update things, make copies of my paperwork, and write a new cover letter. As this was a district that contacted me last month and encouraged me to apply, I think I have a decent shot. But no, I won't rest on my laurels here, as I have a list of about two dozen other districts. I'd better get started, then...

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