Sunday, June 24, 2007

And so it ends...

The school year is now officially over, and frankly, not a moment too soon. I am incredibly burned out, after subbing all day just about every day and tutoring four nights a week, just to keep my head above financial water (and even then not always quite). There wasn't a lot of actual teaching to do this past week, as I showed a couple of videos, gave some high school science students time to cram for the final, and helped preside over two different field days. But now that that's done, I can (I hope) get into high gear with the applications. Of course, I've now heard back from one district that basically said, "Thanks but no thanks." This is not helping my self-esteem here, people! Oh, well, I still have a couple active applications out right now, lots of other districts to apply in, and time to deal with it all, I hope. But if I don't get something for the fall, I will have to investigate other options, I'm afraid, because I simply can't keep this grind up for another school year.

Soon, I hope to tell you all about the highlights and lowlights of the year, and I also have a couple of books I've read recently and want to review here. And there's also the always entertaining and enjoyable application process to keep you posted on. So I won't be completely silent this summer. But I may not be posting quite so regularly, either.

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