Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another snow day

It snowed again last night, and the temperatures got so low that the roads are basically sheets of ice. So another day off, to be made up in June. Last night, the snow hit right before we were to start tutoring, and it was coming down hard. We only had two students show up, and one of them got picked up again after only ten minutes. We also had a couple of teachers cancel, including the one who took eight hours to get home back in November. Needless to say, the handwriting was on the wall and the rest of the night was cancelled. This time, it took me only forty-five minutes to get home.

UPDATE: Tutoring has also been cancelled tonight. The sky is clear and bright blue, the roads (at least around here) are clear, but the State Patrol is still asking everyone to stay off the road, as they're still cleaning up the accidents from last night. More importantly, it's going to get really, really cold again tonight, and any moisture on the road will become ice. So that's that! We shall see what happens about school tomorrow, but I suspect the decision will be made pretty early tonight.

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