Sunday, January 07, 2007

This week in teaching

An unusual week for me, but isn't it always right after break? Tuesday, the first day back, I filled in for a science teacher at the local high school, and thank goodness, it was video day! (You won't hear me say that very often, but I think we all needed that just to ease back into school.) The physics classes got string theory, while the biology class got one on DNA. Well I thought they were interesting, at least. Wednesday was a non work day, which is not a surprise. Thursday and Friday were junior high science, for the same teacher. The first day I took the classes to the library to research water bottle rockets, and the second I started them off on Apollo 13. It seems they're going to watch that movie every Friday for a while as part of their rocketry unit. Very cool!

Upcomig this week? It could get interesting. So far all I have is junior high math on Thursday and Friday, and I may need to take tomorrow or Tuesday off to pick up my car from the body shop. (I did tell you about the trunk getting whacked during the wiindstorm, didn't I?) No, the most interesting part is the weather forecast! Another system is moving in, which may bring snow Tueday night or Wednesday, then it might get as cold as the 'teens on Thursday or Friday. This is not a recipe for happy driving in this area! So we'll see if the upcoming three day weekend gets extended a bit. Oh, well, we already have four days to make up in June, what's one or two more? (I just hope nobody gets the bright idea to make up some of the time by taking away days from spring break! But I could live with a shorter mid-winter break...)

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