Saturday, January 13, 2007

This short week of teaching

So here's how it went:

Monday: Science at the local high school. They did some experiments, they watched a video. Pretty normal.

Tuesday: No school, so that I could pick up my car from the body shop. Yup, it took nearly three weeks after the storm last month to get the damage fixed. Oh, well. While I was in town, I was also able to get the oil changed and some other quick fixes like that.

Wednesday: Junior high science, where I got to show a video (again...). This, however, was in the other district, not the one I usually teach in, and I forgot that they have early dismissal on Wednesdays. So I was done early and got to come home for a bit, before heading to tutoring — where, thanks to the snow, I ended up without any students to tutor and I headed out early.

Thursday and Friday: Snow, ice on the roads, and school cancelled. So I've been catching up with some other stuff. At the rate I'm going, I'll catch up so much I'll eventually be ahead! How will I ever cope with that?

I'm especially bummed about Thursday and Friday as I had a two day junior high math assignment those days which I was really looking forward to. I'd already contacted the teacher and figured out what I was doing, and there was no video! Wow, maybe some actual teaching!

Now, as if to add insult to injury, the governor is now telling districts that they can have some of their days they need to make up waived. Oh, I hope not, I need the money! Still, this is a very unusual winter, as most years there's only a day or two at the most to make up. Already my main district has to make up six days (and it's snowing again, so next week might be affected), and one nearby district now has nine or ten! I gather they're not getting a mid-winter break now...

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