Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I'm starting to feel like a teacher again

Well, I seem to have the day off, so it's time for an update. I've been pretty busy lately, fortunately; todya is the first non-subbing day I've had in a week, and I suspect they're going to become very rare soon. So, last Tuesday I had the cold and took the day off to rest. Last Wednesday, no calls, so another badly needed rest day. Unfortunatley, Laura also got it, and we ended up missing the free preview screening of Corpse Bride I had tickets to. Thursday, back to elementary PE again for my friend, as she'd caught the same cold. Thank goodness she has her gym miked up, as I needed that microphone to get anything out. (I have a loud enough voice that I don't normally need it in a gym.) Friday, a high school math job. A lot of the classes were just taking a quiz -- and they were short classes because the school had a guest speaker. But I was able to get some actual math in as well. I was surprised at how many of the more advanced math students had forgotten how to graph the line of an equation, but it was an assessment to see what they knew. I guess that teacher has her work cut out for her now. Monday, back to the gym again, and my friend had found an article about a PE version of quidditch (from the Harry Potter books) that she'd hoped I'd try. I did, and it was fun, but the classes were a little big to pull it off successfully. For the younger students, I thought I'd work on passing the ball and throwing it through the hoops before trying to put bludgers and golden snitches into the mix. And finally, yesterday was a lot of fun, as I subbed for a junior high drama teacher. I took enough theater classes in high school and college, and worked on a few shows, that I had no problem with it. The students knew what they were doing, so I just had to sit back, offer a few pointers, take some notes, and let them enjoy themselves.

And what's coming up? So far, it looks like nothing but math for a while. I have a junior high job tomorrow, I'm back at that high school on Friday (for the same teacher, even), and then... Well, Laura got a call from a math teacher at another high school who needs a long-term sub, and would I be interested? So far we're playing phone-and-e-mail tag, I don't know the details yet, but it's certainly something I'd like to do if it works out for everyone. Here's hoping!

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