Friday, May 20, 2005

Is the year over yet?

Lots of students counting down the weeks, and in some cases days, to the end of the year. I guess I am, too, although I dread what the summer money drought is going to do to our already decimated money troubles. I'm just tired and cranky all the time, and it's been keeping me from applying for any jobs, so that just adds to the frustration.

So let me talk about a good thing: This is a fun time of the year to sub, at least, because if a teacher has been doing his or her job right (like I certainly didn't last year in Marysville), the students all know the routines, and I, as the teacher, have to actually do very little. I've seen this in a few classes the last couple of weeks, notably the junior high PE classes I taught earlier this week where the students were already doing the stretching before I even got out there to take roll.

Last week, I had a now rare assignment in a regular elementary class. That was where I did my training and student teaching, but I haven't done it much lately, what with all the math and science jobs I've been finding at the junior and senior high levels. My tutoring job also keeps me from accepting all elementary jobs, since many of them get out too late for me to get to the learning center on time. But it was good to have one class for the whole day, and to actually get the chance to get to know some of the students, even for a little while.

Okay, I guess that's about it. More next time I can squeeze in the time to write.

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