Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Quick pop-in to say "Hello!"

Yup, busy weekend, which resulted in no post. Fortunately, I have a light-ish day today, and have a moment to get all of my loyal readers caught up.

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week. At my tutoring place, we got baskets filled with fruit and candy. While I appreciate the gesture, I can't help thinking that the money spent on that would have also bought Laura and me a nice dinner out, or a gift card to the mall, either of which would have been much more practical...

I subbed a lot of high school science last week, and one of the teachers I filled in for took advantage of his absence to show his classes a movie he generally shows every year anyway: Apollo 13. Yup, it's a great film, and I enjoyed seeing it again. The only day I wasn't "teaching" science, I had a local junior high math job, which went very well.

Now, if only I could figure out how to do less teaching, while still making money, so that I would have a little breathing space to fill out applications and apply for jobs for next year!

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