Sunday, October 05, 2003

A wekend away from it all

This past weekend, I went to Anglicon, a local sci-fi/British media convention that Laura and I have attended for the last twelve years or so now. In fact, that's where Laura and I first met in person. (Laura wasn't able to make it for most of the weekend, however, as she had to work — at a LEGO convention, no less!) It was great to get away from the stress of my normal life for a few days, but of course I got lots of congratulations on my new job, and sympathy for being on strike. Sci-fi fans are a generally thoughtful and well-read lot, however, and were overwhelmingly supportive of my situation. (I just have to remember that this week, as we're expecting tensions to get even higher, and lots of abuse hurled our way.)

Back to the picket line tomorrow morning…

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