Friday, October 03, 2003

Day 32, and there will be many more now...

Right before we finished on the picket line today, we were told that the district cancelled school for all of next week. If we do indeed go that long, it will be the longest education work stoppage in Washington state history. (The old record was thirty-seven days, some time in the early '90s in Fife if I recall correctly.) While discouraging, I may take advantage of the time off to take some classes so I don't have to scramble so bad for my clock hours next spring.

Someone finally figured out why the district is so gung-ho to get the district onto the state schedule: There would no longer be any collective bargaining! Under the state schedule, it's the legislature that calls the shots, not the local district, so there's not a lot a union can do to influence how teachers get paid. Man, I am NOT happy about this!

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