Monday, October 06, 2003

Day 35, and this is looking REALLY bad

The two sides met yet again today in the hopes of finally breaking the impasse. One guess as to the result.Yup, after a little over three hours they broke off talks again. They'll meet again on FRIDAY!!!

What in the @#$%!! is going on? Besides this garbage, a group of parents filed a lawsuit to get school going again. All well and good, and they claim that they're not taking sides and suing both the district and the union — except that all I've heard is that this is to force the teachers back to work, and that it's the teachers who will have to pay $250 each a day in fines if they don't go back to work. What about the school board and superintendent? They haven't been doing their job, either, during this time. The board refuses to meet again until the strike is settled, and nobody's seen hide nor hair of the superintendent for the last month. But nothing in the suit, so far as I know, forces them back to work or fines them if they don't. At least there won't be anything happening with that until next Wednesday, so maybe someone will come to their senses in that time (but based on how things have gone until now, I wouldn't bet on it).

If the economy weren't so crappy right now and I were qualified to do something else, I would seriously consider getting out of teaching right now. This is just getting disgusting, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it.

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