Tuesday, October 07, 2003

A well-needed Day 36 off

At the last minute, I decided not to go up today. This was mostly to support my wife, who has been suffering some severe depression lately (the stress of the strike seems to have just made it worse), but I sure felt a lot better myself once I made the decision. I'm becoming less and less convinced that our actually marching in front of our building is really doing anyone any good, especially since the people who can actually do anything to end this don't seem to be taking any sort of responsibility.

I'm hearing that some teachers marched in front of the district HQ again today — and they were being videotaped. But the truly alarming story is that some of them were deliberately run over! I hope it's not true, or at least greatly exaggerated, but I've got to wonder, what is everyone thinking? Yeah, we're all getting stressed out, but even with tying the state record for longest teachers' strike tomorrow, things have at least been pretty civil so far. If it's gotten to the point of violence, I'm not sure I can support this strike or this district any more.

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