Thursday, October 02, 2003

Day 31

Not much to tell at all! We marched, we found out there's not much that can be done that we're not already doing, we went home. I did suggest that maybe the union needs to appear to take the first step and come down a bit, just to show everyone that our side is willing to negotiate; but it was pointed out that that's already been done, but never got out because of the gag order. It's my understanding that the official offer is currently still 11% over three years.

It was mentioned that of the three items still on the table, two of the union's proposal would not cause the district to lose money! (I don't think anyone thought of this until after yesterday's negotiations ended, so it didn't come out in the talks yet.) The salary schedule,as I think I've pointed out, would not alter how much money the district gets from the state. And if the district didn't make us work for an extra eight days, then they wouldn't have to open buildings and hire instructors to run the workshops they want us to attend. Hmm...

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