Saturday, September 13, 2003

My other teaching job, day 1

Well, since this is a blog about teaching, and not just a strike, I may as well mention my other teaching job, which officially started today. For the first time, the Sylvan I've been working at the last two years is offering Saturday morning classes, and I offered to teach then, as I thought I'd be too busy during the week to work any evenings during the week. (As long as I'm on strike, however, I've made myself available for evenings, and they've atually been using me.) Today was the first day of Saturday morning classes, and I was the only teacher there. (Okay, not quite true. Sharon, our head teacher, was also there, but she wasn't teaching, but administering tests. I was the only teacher there doing any teaching.) It was even more laid back than Sylvan usually is, as there was only our small group each hour. Of course, this also meant that if I needed a book or take care of some other little task, I had to take care of it myself, as our usual assistants weren't there. We also had to keep it down, as there were some other students scattered around taking progress tests and the like. But overall it went pretty well. It was only at the end of the morning (technically afternoon by that time) after the students left that I hit the wall and slowed up. Still, I managed to get everything done in time. This extra job should prove to be a good way to get a few extra dollars in my pocket.

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