Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So far, a busy summer

Good grief, school has been out almost a week now, and I've finally gotten around to blogging about it? Wow, shows you how busy I've been. So, let's play catch-up, shall we? First off, after the AP exams, I had the two weeks paternity leave job at the high school. It turned out to be not quite so exciting as I would have hoped, as the regular teacher, despite having a brand new daughter in the house to deal with, was well on top of things. I didn't have to do any grading or planning, as I just had to collect the work for him to pick up, and he'd leave me plans and papers for the next day or two. Oh, well, it still went well, I think I got a lot of good math out to those kids, I got a good brush-up on some of my little-used trig, and it was gainful employment for an extended period, so win-win all around. After that there were only two or three weeks left in the school year, but I managed to stay busy. There were a few half-days (I figured that was better than no work), a couple of now-not-very-common elementary jobs, and even the possibility of working on the last day, as one teacher I filled in for regularly developed tonsillitis right at the end of the year. I filled in for her on the second to last day of school, and made arrangements with the office staff in case she was going to be out the next day, but I guess the antibiotics did the job, as I never heard back.

Which means now comes the hard part, of getting a job for next year. New job listings were pretty sparse during the school year, but seem to have picked up now that school is over and the legislature finally figured out a budget. It's not good, as a lot of districts are having to do with a lot less money, which means some job cuts, but so far I've got applications in about a half dozen districts. I'm especially interested in my local district, since I've enjoyed subbing here, and there have been so far a high school and a middle school job open. But so far, it's early, so I haven't heard back about any interviews yet. So I'll just keep watching the websites and apply for any math jobs that turn up. Of course I'll let everyone know when there's some news.

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