Sunday, April 24, 2011

A (mostly) quiet week

Eh, it was teaching this week. Not a lot to say, except for the second week in a row I ended up not teaching at all one day. Also, one day was one of the worst I've had teaching in some time, with a lot of very loud, uncooperative students who just didn't want to do anything I asked or their teacher had planned. I really felt like I dropped the ball, and said so in my follow-up note, but I also laid the blame on the students as well. Of course, these were students I'd had before, and while they were no angels, they weren't this bad for me the last time, nor in other classes in the same school. It just was not a good day at all. Fortunately, the next day was at another school, and a lot better, so I feel better this weekend.

This coming week is going to be short (professional day on Friday), and nothing's lined up yet, but the week after that could be extremely interesting. The head secretary at the high school nominated me to proctor the AP exams for the district. Cool! I'll probably find out more later this week, but it sounds like I get to go to the district office, proctor the exams, maybe get fed a little bit, and once the students are done, so am I. It would be all of the first week of May, plus a couple of days after that. So either the secretary thinks highly of my work ethic and feels I'd be a responsible person who could handle the job, or she wants to make sure I'm in the building for as few days as possible. I really hope it's the former.

Still nothing on the job hunt, I might add.

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