Monday, August 16, 2010

The latest update, and some housekeeping

The past few weeks have been pretty frustrating. I've made no progress of late, and I'm really beginning to worry. School starts next week in the local district (and the one I worked in the last two years), so time's a ticking! Fortunately, a lot of other local districts don't start until the week after that, which gives me a little more breathing space. I've had three interviews this summer, and three "Thanks but no thanks"s. However, the past few days are looking a little better, as jobs seem to be finally showing up. And a lot of these are districts I've already applied in, so all I need to do is whip out a letter of interest and send it off — or, as I did today, drop it off.

However, I must still face the possibility of not getting a teaching job for the fall, and figuring out what Plan B is. And without a strong grasp of Spanish or the ability to work on a farm, my prospects around here aren't great. Still, I've tried to get a few feelers out, so we shall see. Let me concentrate on getting a teaching job first, of course.

And now for the housekeeping. I've had to turn on comment moderation because of the large numbers of spam attempts I've been getting. I even went through and looked at old comments, and sure enough, all but one were spam. They're gone now. So everyone, you are on notice. Don't spam this blog. All comments have to go through me first before anyone else can see them, and if it has even a whiff of processed spicy pork in a can, I will not hesitate to plunk it into the recycle bin, nobody else will see it, and your time will have been wasted. (It's not like very many people read this, anyway!) And a special shout out to those of you who try to spam this blog just about every day in Chinese. Dudes, what are you thinking? This blog isn't even in Chinese! Or, to put it in a manner that I hope you can better understand: 停止。请让我单独待一会儿。 请勿张贴在这里。

I will, of course, alert all of you in case of any further exciting developments.

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