Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Good news, everybody!

(Wow, two posts in one day. I'm not sure I've ever done that on this blog. Okay, technically, this post is going out the next day. Hey, it's insomnia, what can I say? I'm still up, it doesn't feel like the next day yet. What? Oh, yeah, the post...)

One of my major goals that I wanted to accomplish ASAP this school year was to renew my certificate early. It expires at the end of June, and after the drama and trauma of the last renewal, I wanted to get an early start on it this time. Fortunately, a nice healthy tax refund has pushed that forward even more. So I wrote to the local ESD today to ask how many clock hours I had available. I need 150 to renew, but thanks to a class a couple of years ago, I could squeak by with 130.

I have 182. Okay, this just got a whole lot easier! We have a day off coming up soon, so I plan to go into town and get that taken care of then, if I don't manage to do it all through e-mail before.

And no, the extra hours won't help me move up the ladder to a higher salary. I'm stuck where I am for now until I can finish my master's degree. But that's my goal for next year.

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