Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I've started the new job!

Okay, I've sort of started the new job. The district has put me up in a nice lakeside hotel on the other end of the state for training in the new curriculum I'll be using. And yes, that includes meals and mileage. They're being extremely nice to me, and I haven't even met any of my students or most of my colleagues. First day (of three) went well today. Nothing terribly earth-shatteringly new or different, but it does look like a good program, and I think students will enjoy it.

Meanwhile, while I'm here, Laura is at home making final arrangements for the move and everything else that can get done there, which isn't much now. We're tentatively moving on the 15th now, which is cutting it close: The new job starts on the 18th, although the first student day isn't until the 26th. It is going to be very tight getting moved into our new house and my new classroom and getting set up for the start of school and everything else. But we're on top of it, and it's probably going to go all right in the end.

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