Tuesday, July 01, 2008

And it just keeps going on...

Man, we have a lot of stuff! It's slowly making its way into boxes and out into the garage so that we can start showing the house to potential customers starting next week, but it is slow going, despite the whirlwind of activity around here the past week. What's really scary is we don't even know where we're going to live yet. I'm waiting for the contract and other paperwork first so that I can take it all over there, get a self-storage locker, then start house hunting. With the speed this is progressing, we're probably going to rent a small house for a year, which should give us more time and a bigger financial cushion to find a house to buy next summer.

But meanwhile, we have the packing and prepping the house. Both of our families have been a big help so far, and more is coming. My mother brought a bunch of boxes and pulled a lot of weeds in the front yard, and my dad is bringing his truck to haul lots of stuff to the dump—after bringing a lot more boxes from my sister. With my parents having my grandparents, themselves, and them my sister and her family in the last few years, they're getting very good at this. But the best part is, after we move, they likely won't have to help anyone again for a while! (My in-laws, who are also helping, have a lot more kids, however, so they may be just warming up.)

One bunch of stuff I'm making sure to keep track of is stuff for my classroom. They're being packed separately, and we're planning on taking them with us in one of the cars, not trusting them to get lost among everything else. Then I can make sure they get in my room and spend some of my prep time before the students come sorting through it all—at least, that's the plan. I'm not so inexperienced that I think I'll have all the time in the world to do it!

One little bit of surrealism today: I actually got a call to sub! A math teacher at the summer institute needs someone to take over for a few days later this month, and I believe I was one of the first she called. But between the move and another event going on at the same time, I had to turn it down. At least she was happy about the reason.

Okay, back to packing boxes and putting them in the garage...

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