Friday, June 27, 2008

Now that I have a new job...

The waiting is the hardest part. The paperwork is on its way, and all of a sudden my full summer is looking pretty crowded, even before I start the job. Laura and I have to at least pack up and clean enough to make the house presentable to show potential buyers in a little over a week. (Right now, however, it looks like a hurricane hit our living room!) We also have to find a new place to live in the area, and I'll have some training in my new curriculum to take care of as well. This is on top of my usual trip to a convention in California and one of my favorite events, the Olympics. We'll probably need to make a trip or two over to our new area before moving over. But at least today I felt confident enough to e-mail just about everyone I know about the job, stop the application process in other districts where I had an active application, and remove the links to my old substitute jobs' websites.

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