Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summertime, and things are just getting started

It's been particularly busy over the past few weeks. Last week was the last week of school at the local junior high, so I had final grades to prepare, things to tidy up, and all the rest of that stuff. The school also had it's year-end carnival and talent show. It was all a great experience, and I am extremely happy that I could do it. The principal was a great resource, too. She observed me a couple of times and gave me some terrific, constructive feedback, as well as writing a nice letter of recommendation.

As for the job hunt, it still goes on. I had another phone interview a couple of weeks ago, but never heard back. I've also gotten a few nibbles of interest, but no progress there yet, either. The big news is that on Friday, I had another in-person interview. This was a small, poor, rural, mostly Hispanic high school in the south-central part of the state. The principal called beforehand and told me it would only take about half an hour, but the interview itself lasted about an hour, which I hope means they liked me. They also gave me a tour beforehand (I got there early), and the head of the math department showed Laura and me some of the instructional materials afterwards, and we chatted about the program and the students some more. I think that's a good sign. Laura, getting bored with waiting for me, also talked to some of the people running the basketball tournament going on there, and she had a really good feeling about the whole thing. I haven't been this excited about a potential job for a long time, and I really hope I get it. I know I didn't hit a home run with my answers, but I still like my odds, too. We shall see. I should know by the end of this week.

But I'm also not going to count my chickens. Now that it's summer, I plan to get even more serious about the job hunt. My goal is to fill out an application a day, and then work on decluttering the house so that, if we need to move, it will be easier to do. That is going to be how I spend my summer vacation!

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