Friday, August 17, 2007

This week's interviews

Wow, things are looking up, as I had three interviews this week. The first one was the other day, and in a district over seventy miles away, for a high school math position in a rural district. It would have been an interesting job, but Laura and I would have had to make a whirlwind move, so it's probably a good thing they called yesterday and told us I wasn't a finalist. Today I had two interviews for jobs closer to home, although neither one is terribly local. The first is in a blue collar area to the south with a diverse population, including quite a few immigrants. It's an older school in a nice neighborhood, however, that looks like a small college campus! The biggest strikes against this job are the distance and the lack of technology; I'd have my own computer, but for the students about the best I can get is an overhead projector. The other district is more affluent and to the east, and while it's also a long drive, it's not so far, and there are several routes I could try. This is one of those schools where parents wonder why their students are getting "only" an A- (or so I was told during the interview). It sounds like a good fit, and it would be a great place to work. I even think I did all right in that interview, so my fingers are crossed. Let's see if I get offered one of these. And if not, it wouldn't surprise me a bit if I get a few more interviews next week, as the start of school is only two and a half weeks away.

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