Sunday, January 28, 2007

The week in teaching

Well, the holidays are all over, the weather isn't interrupting school, so I had my first full week of teaching in quite some time this week. I was exhausted by the end of it, but I also at least feel like I'm accomplishing something. So, here's the rundown:

  • Monday: Junior high Spanish/ELL. Nothing too tough here, and (as usual) everyone was surprised that I knew enough Spanish to help out.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Junior high computers and art. This was interesting, as they needed me because the regular teacher was helping to set up the new lab. The students even slipped out and helped here and there. But this also meant that the teacher was able to come in and get class started, and all I had to do was supervise from there. I also spent one of my prep periods helping to unpack computers as well.
  • Thursday: Junior high health and senior high PE. Again, nothing too tough, but it was intersting to see a whole bunch of weightlifting students disappear, a few of them brought back by both the principal and vice-principal. and the large number of students who are going to find themselves with unexcused absences for the class for cutting. Yes, I was smart enough to take roll again before dismissing the class.
  • Friday: Something I haven't done for a long while now: Older elementary students. I saw a good job in a 5/6 split class and decided to take it. They were a nice bunch who knew what they were doing, so I didn't have a lot of trouble. Furthermore, they had both art and library that day, so there were some unexpectedly long stretches when I didn't have to worry about them. They were terrific, and I hope I get the chance to teach at that level some more this year.

I already have two jobs lined up for the coming week as well, both returns to previous posts (and one I was even requested for!). And let's not forget the big holiday coming up this week:

I have got to wonder why more schools don't recognize this as a holiday. It would be so much more successful if students could take some time off from their studies and proudly go around town in their gorilla suits. Think of the pride and joy on their parents' faces. Think of the sense of well-being the students would have. Oh, well, perhaps someday soon.

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