Sunday, January 21, 2007

Things are getting back to normal

We finally had something like a normal week this past week, even with the holiday on Monday. To be sure, Tuesday and Wednesday school started late because of the snow and the cold. But we've warned up nicely now. Most of the snow is gone, in fact. So, Tuesday, I had a very pleasant day in a junior high science room I'd been to earlier this year. Since it was the first day back in nearly a week, they had a worksheet or two to do to ease them back into things. Wednesday, I had an elementary PE job. Since school started late, I didn't even have a student until 10:45, so I did a little reading (and, I'll admit, napping). Thursday, junior high Spanish. I got the call late, and then got caught in a traffic jam, so I was worried about getting there on time, which I didn't — but it turned out to not be a problem, as she had first period planning. (By the way, a note to all of my fellow substitutes out there: Don't put the day's plans back into the substitute folder before turning it back to the office. The folder may not be checked or cleaned out, and then the next guy who comes along may not realize that those are not the plans!) Friday, a very neat bunch of junior high math classes who are all getting ready for finals next week. What already? Ah, well. I already have one job lined up for tomorrow, and a handful of jobs even for the following week, so I guess I'm staying busy.

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