Sunday, September 10, 2006

This week in teaching

Not a bad start to the first full week of the year. Tuesday was the first day in the other district I teach in, so I wasn't expecting much — and I didn't get it. Nothing on Tuesday or Wednesday, but I got a high school English/social studies job on Thursday, and a high school math job on Friday. I hope that the coming weeks will bring me lots more work, as I need to dough.

But I did something very smart this year. One of those days I didn't have a job (Tuesday? Wednesday? Does it matter?), I went through all the school websites in my local district, snagged all of the e-mail addresses of teachers, and sent out a mass e-mail about my availability and ability to teach. Already it's paying off. That's how I got Friday's job, and she told me she has other days she'll be out this year. A junior high teacher also responded, telling me she'd need a regular sub this year as well. Yet another teacher requested me for several absences she has coming up through the year, so now I have jobs lined up into March! Yet another teacher I met yesterday asked if I was available for a stretch in a few weeks, as she's going in for surgery. And a whole bunch of teachers have already requested me for September 21. It seems the district's math teachers have something going on that day. Too bad I already have tickets to see the matinee of Wicked that day. I am not going to pass up my chance to finally see that show!

Finally, a thought-provoking column from today's edition of The Seattle Times. Many many years ago, when I was working in Seattle, I subbed at that school a few times. This was all long before the WASL and all the other events, and it was not quite the haven that it seems to be now. I'm glad they've turned things around and are bucking the odds. Now if only other schools can figure out what these guys have already done.

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