Thursday, June 15, 2006

More details

It turns out that today wasn't a formal interview, but just a chat with the one member of the interview team who wasn't there. It seems that there was some mix-up in the scheduling, and she missed out. So she just wanted to meet me in person, find out a little more, and clarify a few things. It went all right, and I guess the fact that she wanted to talk means I'm still in the running—or at least I didn't blow it so bad the other day that I haven't been dropped from consideration entirely.

And so, while we're all waiting to see what, if anything, happens, here's a link to a site that combines two of my favorite things, math and The Simpsons. As Homer might say, "Mmmm, π..."

And for those interested in what math might be like in the 31st century, here's another site by the same folks, about math in Futurama.

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