Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Quick update

Not much to tell you all, really. I've been getting lots of interesting jobs. There were THREE days where I didn't have a prep period, but I got paid extra for those, and it balanced out by getting paid a half-day yesterday for doing before-school elementary orchestra — and I didn't even have to do anything, as a classified employee did the actual running of the class. I was the warm certificated body, and all I had to do was help set up and take the kids to their buses after. Then I got to go home before going to my other job for the afternoon. So it all balances out. Lots of PE, which isn't bad at all. I know there are a lot of subs who don't want to teach PE, but I don't mind it at all. It gives me the chance to wear sweats, and all I usually have to do is get the kids going.

Now that the WASL is over, the jobs are coming out of the woodwork. I have every day but one this week already filled, two days already next week, and the entire week after Memorial Day. Of course, I'd better get as many jobs as I can before summer, as the money will dry right up after that. (Thank goodness for tutoring, that will at least help keep the wolf from the door.)

Not a lot of progress lately on the job hunt, I've been either busy, tired, sick, or any combination of the above. But at least I have a lot of apps out right now, I hope to hear about some of them soon.

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