Sunday, February 12, 2006

The past week of teaching

So far, it's been going well, if not spectacularly. This past week was interesting, as I had two days of math with the same classes (that doesn't happen very often), followede by three days of PE. The math classes were pretty dull for me, as all they were doing was reviewing for a test on Monday, then taking the test on Tuesday. But I think I was able to help at least a few of them understand what was going on. Wednesday's PE was at the local high school, which is close enough that I usually walk, but that morning it was raining, and I got a late enough start that I decided it would be better to drive. At least I got to use some of the exercise equipment while I was there so as to get at least some walking in. The next day was elementary PE (which included a lockdown drill, fun fun), then Friday up at the local junior high (I was able to walk it that day, thank goodness), where I actually showed a video on tobacco to four health classes. Overall, not terribly exciting, but it keeps my foot in, and the wolf away, from the door.

So far nothing much lined up for this week except another PE jo at a junior high that was pretty much all in portables the last time I was out there. I took the job specifically so that I could see the new school. Compared to what it used to be like, I'll bet it's spectacular. Then the week after that I get a few days off, as both districts I work in have mid-winter break that week — but one of them only has it for three days, so I can at least get a couple days work in. I'm still not sure I see the point of a mid-winter break in February, but I'm not complaining! I'll be using the time off to update my Wizard of Oz website, do my taxes, and watch the Olympics.

Oh, yeah, and get started on the job hunt. I'm still waiting for a couple of letters before I can really get started, but one they're in...

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