Monday, June 20, 2005

And so it ends...

One of the districts Iwork in still has a couple more days this week, today and tomorrow, and I had planned to at least attempt to find a job there to eke out a few more dollars before summer starts. However, it turns out that both districts have some paperwork due today so that I can sub next year (yes, that's a backup plan in case I can't get a real job for fall), so I'll take care of that instead. It's probably just as well, as I didn't get work for two days last week anyway, and I kept looking all weekend but nothing showed up for today anyway. Besides, it turns out I don't need the money as bad as I thought. In updating the checkbook last night, I found it showed a lot less money than the bank said we had. It turns out that I forgot to add in one of my paychecks last month, so now we have a lot more money than I thought, so suddenly the summer money situation looks a lot less bleak.

At any rate, it looks like summer "vacation" officially starts today. To be sure, I'll still be tutoring thirty hours a week, and when I'm not there I'll be filling out job applications and doing a lot of work around the house, but at least I'll be getting a bit of a breather. Later this week, I'll probably put up some sort of "Year in Review" reflection post, then over the summer I'll probably pop in once in a while with some thoughts on teaching in general, or whatever else crosses my mind.

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