Thursday, April 14, 2005

Yup, this one's a little late

Hi, everyone, did you miss me? I didn't do my usual update over the weekend because I knew I had all of this week to do it. Yes, I'm on a well-deserved and much-needed spring vacation this week. I actually feel like I'm getting some sleep, for once, and I've gotten a few things done around the house that needed looking after. On the education front, I updated my resume, and got my files current in the two districts I currently work in. So let's hope something actually happens as a result! (In the coming weeks, I hope to get additional school districts into the pipeline.)

So, what happened with the teaching last week? It was all PE and math, and I really enjoyed it all. The one high school math job was particularly nice, as it was some of the more advanced students, and we could actually talk about math on an equal level. I had fun doing some of their worksheets and offering insights as to how to do them. The junior high PE was a good way to close out the week before break, but as often happens at that level, all I really did was stand around and watch them play. Dull, but they alll seemed to have a good time.

So far, not much lined up next week, but I'm sure something will turn up.

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