Sunday, April 03, 2005

Another pretty dull week

Thank goodness spring break is coming up next week. I'm running myself exhausted, and I need the rest.

Another unremarkable week: Elementary library, high school math, junior high gym, and junior high woodshop. So, a couple of unusual things that happened:

  • I had two junior high gym jobs at the same school two days in a row -- but for different teachers. Both teachers (who had a presence in the building that day) were amused by the coincidence.
  • In the woodshop, I had one ninth grade class that was glad to see me, as I'd had many of them for a week of math at the same school earlier this year. One of them said that he did a lot better that week than he has with the regular teacher, which is kind of sad...
  • Also in the woodshop (different class), I had to write up reports on two of the students. One put a "Kick me" sign on the other as an April Fool's joke -- only to have his victim turn around and punch him. This is bad enough in any other class, but in a shop, with all that machinery? I rarely write students up -- I usually don't have to -- but there was no way I could let this one go by. I wrote them both up, and the one who put the sign on his classmate's back was really upset. I pointed out that one of the rules in that class was "Use common sense," and that he didn't.

Already have a high school math class lined up for tomorrow, and junior high gym Thursday and Friday, so this week is looking pretty good. Then next week, over break, I can polish up my résumé and start applying for jobs for the fall. I just hope somebody needs a math teacher in the area...

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