Monday, March 21, 2005

WOO-HOO!!! I'm a real teacher again!!!

I had so much going on this past weekend, I didn't have time to blog. But this proved to be a good thing, as I had a job today that let out early, and came home to find my brand spanking new continuing teaching certificate waiting for me in the mailbox. So now it's official, I can become a "real" teacher again. Now all I need is for someone to offer me such a job...

Anyway, a few highlights of last week:

  • I got to teach at the three closest schools to me on three days, so I actually got some walking in. I could certainly go for that full time.
  • Thursday -- the first day last week I actually had to drive to a job -- I got a late start heading out to a junior high science job, then ran into terrible traffic. When I got there, they told me that I was covering another class during my prep. So thank goodness all I had to do was show some videos! (I don't often say that, as that seems to be a copout for teachers to give subs a video to show, but on this particular day I didn't mind a bit!)
  • Friday, I was at one local school that I hadn't been to since they'd finished remodeling. Oh, wow! What a nice set-up! And we got to watch the NCAA basketball tournament (it was shop, the students had some minor projects to work on, and I gave them the choice between that or the videos the teacher had out, guess what they chose).

Well, I have to go to the evening job soon, but I'm glad I was able to pop in and get you all up to date.

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