Sunday, February 06, 2005

Just a short note to confirm that I'm still alive

Not much to report this past week. I had jobs in elementary PE, elementary library, junior high Spanish (two days -- good thing I took Spanish in high school and college, and can still sound like I know what I'm saying in a classroom), and junior high science. The junior high jobs were mostly showing videos, which is not why I got into teaching...

Anyway, I've been tired and stressed out all week, and now I've come down with a cold. And still two more weeks of full-time subbing and part-time Sylvan before I can get a break during mid-winter break. I just wish folks who get upset at me for not doing things I should can understand that it's not deliberate, just a case of exhaustion and lack of time and energy.

Good news, however, is that my final transcript arrived. So if I don't get a day off before then, I can go down to apply for my new continuing certificate during mid-winter break.

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