Tuesday, December 07, 2004


I just got a call from someone at the state professional practices office. No problem, she said, you should get your initial permit next week and your permanent substitute certificate not long after that. Sounds like a pretty straightforward case that snowballed, actually, we're glad to certify you.

And it gets better. Since this is a permanent substitute certificate, I won't ever be asked about character issues and the like again, which is what put me in this limbo in the first place. At least, I won't be asked about it again when applying for a certificate, even if my continuing ceretificate lapses again (which is not likley to happen again!). Applying for jobs, that may be a different story...

So now, I can get busy with the job of applying to substitute again. I'm not looking forward to twelve-to-fourteen hour days again, but at least I won't be hemmoraging money again, either.

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