Friday, December 03, 2004

And now, the waiting game starts

That's it, I'm done with that class. I managed to finish it all off the other day, printed everything out yesterday, and went down to the post office to send everything off today.

But it wasn't quite that simple, of course. First off, I had a personal problem (nothing I need to go into here) that kept me from finishing my final paper as quickly as I'd have liked the other day. But finish it I did. The big problem came yesterday, when I tried to print everything out. I had some weird printer problems that resulted in nothing printing. It took a bit of detective work and guessing, but I finally tried a new printer driver for my machine, and that seemed to do the trick. Then I noticed how faded the print was looking. Oh, shoot! One trip to get a new ink cartridge later, and I was back in business at last, and everything else printed just fine. So I put everything together and got it ready to send off... only to discover that I was missing one key piece of information for the cover sheet! Aaaaaaaargh! Oh, well, I poked around on the university's website a bit and found an e-mail address that I thought would do the trick, and called it a day, as I had to head to Sylvan. So much for getting it in the mail yesterday.

Things went much more smoothly today, fortunately. I got the information I needed and was able to get everything sent off this afternoon. Walking back from the post office, I actually felt like a great weight had been removed from my shoulders. So now, all I need is my transcript with this latest class on it (with a good grade, I hope), and I can finally apply for my new continuing certificate.

Which brings me to the other bit of good news I got today. I contacted the state Office of Professional Practices to check up on the status of my application for a substitute certificate, and lo and behold, someone actually called me back! This is the first time someone from OPP has actually contacted me in response to one of my inquiries! Anyway, she told me that they have everything they need now, and they're going to review my case early next week. So by this time next week, I may actually be a certificated teacher again! Just in time for me to apply for my continuing certificate...

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