Friday, January 07, 2011

The week in teaching

Back to work this week, although it's a short one as today was a professional day for teachers in the local district. (I think they should have had that on the 3rd, for an extra day of winter break instead. However, starting back with a four day week, and two three-day weekends in a row, isn't bad, either.) I was afraid I wouldn't get much work, but I had a job every day. Monday was high school English, Tuesday was elementary reading, Wednesday was high school humanities, and Thursday was elementary reading and math, so a weird bit of symmetry. I did get a little math in, however, helping a student during a credit retrieval session at the end of the day Wednesday. And that's where I got some interesting insight into the last two years. That student, by coincidence, was one of my former students back in that last district I taught in. She thought I was a good teacher, she told me I'd taught her a lot, and she still had her notes! Wow, I did make an impact there, after all. She still lives down there, but decided to transfer to school up here for a number of reasons. I've encountered a few other students I've taught down there in my new situation, but this was the best insight I've had into what the situation is like there. I have also met some teachers who've told me that that district I worked in doesn't have a terribly good reputation. I wish someone had told me that before I accepted that job!

Another job has opened up in a nearby-ish district, and I'm seriously considering applying. So I'll keep you posted.

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