Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I just got back from my interview. The good news is that I totally did not blow it. It went well, but whether or not it went well enough for them to actually hire me will have to wait. (And of course I forgot to ask what kind of time frame we were looking at and when they could tell me.)

And yes, this sounds like a terrific job, and one that I enthusiastically said I want and would be a good fit for. It's elementary math, as I said, and I'd be teaching nothing but math — well, except for those time I get tapped to do something else because some teacher has to leave for an emergency or something, of course. (I suspect most of my fellow teachers out there know what I mean.) It's an interesting school, where about half the classes are taught in Spanish, a fourth in Russian, and a fourth are taught in English to students who mostly speak Spanish or Russian at home. (If this job goes past this year, and I'm back, I may see what kind of basic Russian I can learn this summer.) This school covers first through fifth grades. There are times I would be teaching small groups of four to six to shore up what they're already learning in class, or bring them up to where they need to be. There are times I would teach an entire class, in the same way elementary classes learn music or PE or go to the library. (It's a big school, and they apparently need a lot of specialists to give their teachers all their planning time.) There are times I'd be working with some of the teachers. And there are likely times I'd be on duty out on the playground or in the lunchroom, just to keep it really interesting.

One big drawback would be the commute. It's about fifty miles away, and a lot larger portion of our budget would be going towards gas. But I think we can manage it, if they offer me the job. So, fingers crossed, and I'll let you know what happens.

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