Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Last week in teaching

Well, if I'm back to subbing, I guess I'm back to a weekly wrap-up. Last weekend was busy enough, however, that I didn't get around to it, but so far I don't have a job for this morning, so I can take a moment to get caught up. And last week proved to be surprisingly busy for a brand new sub in the district such as myself. I started off with a middle school science job, which went well. Tuesday I was originally scheduled to be at the high school for math, but they rejigged the job as the teacher was to be out for several days, and they wanted to give them all to one guy so that the students would have that consistency. So I ended up with a history job there instead. Wednesday I finally got a math job, at the other middle school, and that went pretty well. In fact, it went so well that they asked me back the next day, for another math teacher. And finally, Friday I was back at the high school for another math teacher. I did very well there, and helped a lot of students, but I also figured out just how much advanced algebra I've forgotten while trying to help a pre-calculus class with their work. I know I'd done it before, but the details had slipped from my mind through lack of regular use. By the end of class, however, with help from the students and their books and notes, it had come back to me and I think I got the idea.

The nice part about subbing in this district is how it's laid out. There are eight schools. One elementary school is way far out of town. One is all kindergarten, and I don't anticipate going there. The rest — three elementary schools, two middle schools, and the high school — are all within walking distance, although I suspect I'll be driving to the far-away middle school some days during the worst of winter. I've also gotten some good feedback from secretaries and other teachers. But will I stay here? Can I change this to a permanent job somehow? And what am I going to do during the summer? I'm just not sure how long this teaching thing can last.

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