Monday, July 27, 2009

Mixing things up

Yeah, yeah, there went my ideas that I'd post a bunch over the summer and tell you what the last year was like. Best laid plans and all that. Besides, I'd rather look ahead to the future now, instead of dwell on the past. Last week, I got a call from one of my colleagues. He taught science last year, but was ready to move in and take some of the higher math classes this coming year, since budget constraints meant the district couldn't afford to hire a new math teacher to replace the one who retired. He called out of professional courtesy to tell me that he got a job in another district. It's closer to his home and, considering how long his commute was, I don't blame him. So now it's all in flux, and we will have to hire a new teacher, after all. Whether or not the new teacher teaches math, science, or both depends on who's out there. I was going to teach three section of Geometry and one of Algebra II next year, but now that's all in flux, depending on what the new teacher can do. I've told my principal that I'm flexible, and also that I'd be part of the hiring process if he needs me. So we shall see. I'll try to remember to keep all of my loyal readers, like you, up to date.

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