Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Two steps forward, two steps back

Things are still going well, under the circumstances. I now have a key to my room, and there's progress in getting it ready. The old science stuff will be moved out tomorrow, arrangements are being made to move in desks, and there's a fresh coat of paint. I also put together a chart, for myself more than anyone, of what's happening in the first few lessons, including the problems, vocabulary, and what materials we'll need. That looks pretty manageable.

I also pulled out my copy of The First Days of School to refresh myself and make sure I'm on the right track. Let's just say that I'm not pleased. Granted, I have no room yet, no home in the area (yet), no school computer, and I'm living out of a hotel room. Under those circumstances, I'm doing all right. But I have no procedures, no rules, and little idea of how to start things off on a positive note. After the disaster of my last contracted job, I vowed not to do that again, but I'm not sure if I can. Still, I have a little time next Monday, and a few other opportunities this week before I head back to the old house this weekend, so it may still happen. I just have to keep moving forward and trust that I can enough taken care of.

Today we started work and training in the school's new discipline plan. It looks good, it makes sense, it's positive, it reinforces expected behaviors, and I really wish I had this in my last job. Heck, I wish I'd had this sort of background and support when I started teaching.

We will definitely not be moving this week or weekend, so probably a few more days in the hotel next week until we get it all put together and finally sign. Even then, we're going to just be camping out in our new place for a few days until we can arrange for movers and new appliances (like we can afford that!). Meanwhile, Laura's looking at the options on the old house, which could include trying to sell again, or renting it out.

I'd better stop now, or I won't have anything to say tomorrow!

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