Saturday, March 24, 2007

This week in teaching

Son of a gun, all those allergies I thought I was getting last weekend? Nope. It's a nasty head cold. I've been fighting and dealing with it all week, and now that the weekend is here, it finally seems to be clearing up. However, our finances are in such bad shape that I couldn't take a day off to recover. Yeah, I feel like crap. And it's too bad, since otherwise this would have been an enjoyable week. First off, I was all in the nearby regular district again, which even resulted in a couple of jobs that I could walk to.

Monday, however, I was at another high school teaching Spanish, after I helped proctor another round of the WASL. Very pleasant, as these were advanced students, and all I really had to do to was get them started. Tuesday was a bit different, as I taught at the local elementary school, which is only two blocks away. This was a great sixth grade class, as they got right to work and were all attentive, productive, and quiet. Eerily quiet, at times, in fact. Wednesday I had a longer walk, up to the local junior high school for PE. It was the Wednesday run, so about all I had to do was watch and time them. Not terribly difficult, but it was a cold day. Thank goodness I had my hat and gloves, as it kept my cold from feeling even worse. Thursday and Friday was a math job, back at the high school I was at on Monday, and fortunately no WASL. Some of the classes were chatty, but when they got going on math, they chatted about math, and helped each other out in figuring things out. They asked good questions, they managed to catch my few errors, and they were great to work with. Now if I can only figure out how to get my own class and students...

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