Saturday, December 02, 2006

This Truncated Week in Teaching

Normally, this is where I sum things up for the week, but you've probably already read most of what happened this week, as three days of school were cancelled due to snow. But I did at least get to tutor for a day and a half. (By the way, my two hour drive home on Monday was nothing. Two of my colleagues ended up with drives of four and eight hours. Yup, I did fine!) Yesterday I had an elementary PE gig, which was a lot of fun, but next time, I won't let them talk me into any games with scooter boards. I had a lot of colliding third graders to deal with right before school got out.

The rest of the month is taken care of, at least, and I have math the whole time! Monday, the local junior high, for a teacher who's already told me that this may result in a few more trips up there. Tuesday, I won't be teaching as I have an appointment (whihc I may or may not tell you about later, we shall see), and I'll also go see the math/health teacher at one of the high schools to get an overview of what I'll be doing for his students for eight days. Yup, I'll be teachng high school math (and one section of health) from then until the start of winter break.

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