Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Someone didn't get the memo

I just accepted a job teaching drama today at one of the high schools. This is after turning down a job earlier this morning to teach ELL at another high school.

But it's all moot, since school was cancelled for the day earlier this morning anyway. The only reason I accepted that job was to keep the phone from ringing with any other jobs. And on the off-off-off-off-chance that things warm up and roads actually become driveable today, I can go in and get a day's pay for a few hours work.

I should find out around noon whether or not I have to go in and tutor tonight, but after last night's drive from heck, I'm tempted to tell them where to stick it if they do open. I just saw on the news some traffic footage from 1:00 this morning of down around the airport, and there were still cars stuck on the road, still trying to get home even that late (although I suspect a lot of them were coming back from last night's Seahawks game — which the Hawks won, I might add, woo-hoo!).

It does not look like it will get above freezing at all today, so we may be in for at least another day of ice. If I can, however, I may at least get out and fill my gas tank. Not only do I need it, the extra weight would help in getting a grip.

I'm babbling now, so I'll just sign off, go back to sleep, and enjoy the day off.

LATE MORNING UPDATE: The drama job was cancelled, so I thought that someone in the central office got the idea finally. Nope. A while later the machine called and offered me an all-day kindergarten job. I turned it down, and finally told the computer that I wasn't available. That finally stopped the phone — except for the call I just got from the tutoring center telling me to not bother going there, either. So I get to sip hot cider and play on my computer all day. Oh, how terrible...

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