Friday, October 20, 2006

My new job is gone

I didn't get the job. After the job was offered to me, they had to go through and check the paperwork and my references, plus the district's legal department had to check out an incident a few years ago. The good news is, they cleared me. The bad news is that the school, without anyone to fill the position, went ahead and restructured the math department and shifted things around and such so as to eliminate the position. So now I have to go back to full-time subbing and tutoring and fourteen hour days and no sleep and late dinners and feeling lousy and crummy and miserable.

I am, as you can imagine, extremely unhappy and upset and angry and annoyed and pissed off and I want to hit things and I want to cry and I want to do nasty things to a lot of people, but I won't because I'm too nice a guy, and I'm above all that.

What really gets me is that they never even bothered to tell me this was happening until I e-mailed the school to ask what was going on. That is extremely unprofessional, in my opinion. They said they might offer me the position again when it starts up again second semester, but I'm really not inclined to take it now. I've already lost too much money and time dealing with them, so I doubt I will ever accept an offer, or even an interview, with them again.

Gads, I hate my life...

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