Friday, October 06, 2006

The latest update

Today is the day I was supposed to start my new job, until they figured out that they hadn't checked my references yet. *sigh* So after the past tough but fulfilling week of teaching math at a more local high school, I'm taking today off. I've quit my evening tutoring job, but I've been assured that if this new job falls through, I can step back in.

So, here's the latest article from The Seattle Times about math education reform—printed on the front page, no less. I've been saying for some time that the NCTM Standards were overinterpreted, and there still needs to be basic skills taught, and drilled. We've seen that in our students at the tutoring center, as othewise very bright students come in with few math skills. After a little time with us learning more traditional skills, they do fine. (But why are some of those schools using Saxon? That's a curriculum that I've seen kill any enthusiasm and interest students have in math.)

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