Sunday, September 17, 2006

This week in teaching

It's still slow, but I did teach three days last week. Monday was junior high PE, including games of pass-only football and ultimate frisbee. Good clean fun outside on what will likely be one of the last nice days of the season. Tuesday and Wednesday I had off, then junior high math on Thursday, and high school math on Friday. Friday was, in fact, my first time teaching an International Baccalaureate class (two sections of pre-calculus). IB students are usually some of the top students in a school, and here it showed. I had very little to do in those classes, just gave them a few pages in the book to study, the assignment, and let them loose. Sure, not everybody concentrated their whole effort on the work, but they did get going, and I was able to go around and actually help a few students as well.

I have another junior high math assignment tomorrow, then the rest of the week is clear (and I won't be teaching on Thursday, since I have tickets to the matinee of Wicked that afternoon). But I'm heartened by how much work I'm getting now, and how many other jobs I'm lining up for the future, so maybe I can at least teach mostly math this year.

And now, thanks to my wife, a new link or two: seems to be a site devoted to how folks can use TI calculators, like mine. Someone came up with a driver to use a flash drive on a TI-84 Plus. Guess which kind of calculator I have?

Oh, and the new season of NUMB3RS starts this Friday! I found a blog devoted to the show that ought to be fun once things get underway.

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