Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Start spinning those prayer weasels!

I have three interviews coming up in the next week or so! The one tomorrow could be the coolest, as it's junior high computers/math. This would be a terrific job if I can get it. The others are a little more problematic. One is only a .2, which basically means one class a day. It would not be much better than subbing (and I'd probably still have to tutor in the evenings), but it is in a growing district opening a new high school next year. The other is way out in the boonies, in a small junior/senior high school. I'd be teaching both levels. This could be a good job, but I'm a little worried about the commute (and so was the principal when I talked to him, but I told him we'll worry about that if he thinks I'm his guy). Anyway, wish me luck!

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